What is Titan?

Titan is the modern active investment manager. Our mobile investing platform is built like a world-class hedge fund, with some major upgrades. We believe that everyone should have access to transparent, high-performance investing vehicles. We are on a mission to modernize active investment management for a new generation.

How are we able to offer a hedge fund-like platform for only a 1% advisory fee, while traditional hedge funds charge 2% advisory fees and 20% performance fees? Titan was built from the ground up to be as efficient as possible. By cutting out the fat -- hefty bonuses, expensive offices, manual compliance and account management, etc. -- we are able to maintain a lean bottom-line and pass the savings along to you, our investors.

Titan is an SEC-registered investment adviser. For more information about Titan's fees, please see our Fee Schedule.

Titan's Story

Titan's story begins almost a decade ago when founders Clay Gardner, Joe Percoco and Max Bernardy began working at hedge funds and investment banks. Clay and Joe were college roommates and close friends at Wharton, while Max had recently graduated from Stanford.

The three of them approached investing from different angles at the time: Clay and Joe were investors at these hedge funds, while Max was a software engineer with a patent in hedge fund software.

Over the years, they learned the investment strategies used by their hedge funds to generate outstanding returns. These strategies generally had a long-term investment horizon and a focus on owning high-quality businesses -- similar to the strategy upheld by legendary investor Warren Buffett.

Frustratingly, these strategies were only available to the ultra wealthy. Meanwhile, everyday investors were relegated to either average returns (via ETFs/index funds) or picking stocks themselves without rigorous research, which we believe is dangerous.

Clay, Joe and Max realized it was time to bring superior investing strategies to everyone through a user-friendly platform, from the ground up. By automating the investment process used by top hedge funds, they could bridge the gap and offer everyone a modern investing experience with the opportunity for strong returns at a fraction of the cost.


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