Unlike other platforms, Titan doesn’t invest your IRA funds in a basket of average companies. We think your retirement savings deserve better.

Titan’s Flagship, Opportunities, and Offshore investment strategies invest your money in high-quality growth businesses whose characteristics make them ideal for a long-term portfolio. 

These companies tend to share some of the same characteristics, such as long growth runways and excellent unit economics. They tend to outperform others over the long term because, in the long run, stock market performance tends to track businesses’ underlying quality.

IRAs are similarly built for tax-advantaged long-term compounding. They offer very attractive tax benefits for those who are willing to stash away funds today for a bigger nest egg at retirement.

So in short: we believe IRAs are the perfect vehicle from which to capitalize on Titan’s investment strategies. Titan IRAs combine tax savings with the power of long-term compounding - a match made in heaven for any long-term investor.

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