If you file your own taxes or use an accountant, you can easily download a CSV spreadsheet containing all of your Titan tax data.

Simply follow the following instructions to download a .CSV file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel and other popular spreadsheet tools:

  1. If you haven't previously done so, create a user ID on Apex's website with your Titan account number.  On the first signup page be sure to select "10-Apex Clearing Corporation" in the "Firm" dropdown menu.

  2. After account creation is completed, login to your Apex Clearing account.

  3. Click "Apex Online Menu" in the top left and then click "Activity" in the dropdown menu

  4. Enter your Apex account number, as well as the desired start and end date for the period whose activity you'd like to download, then click "Submit."

  5. After the results appear, click "Export to CSV" towards the right of the page to download the displayed account activity into a .CSV file.

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