How to access your Titan Crypto Holdings

All Titan Crypto clients will have the same account number for their Apex Crypto account and their Apex Clearing account. Apex Crypto does not have an online client portal. You can keep track of your crypto holdings via the Titan app.

What Crypto statements are you provided?

Our partner custodians do not currently provide monthly statements, but they do provide Trade confirmations and Net Transfer Summary notifications to let you know when trades are made in your account. They are by default emailed from Apex Crypto to our clients at 00:00 UTC of the next day, or around 9PM ET. You can refer to these in combination to confirm your transactions.

Do you have to pay taxes?

Per the IRS rules, cryptocurrency transactions are taxable and are treated as a capital asset, similar to stocks and bonds. (IRS - Virtual Currencies Link). If you have any specific questions on the tax implications of an actively managed cryptocurrency strategy, we recommend you consult with a tax professional.

What tax forms will you be provided?

While we are always looking to expand our offerings to our clients, especially ones that make taxes easier, our partner custodian, Apex Crypto, does not provide a tax document that is compatible with any tax software at this time. They will provide a PDF file with a list of transactions that is grouped by coin. This can be manually input into your choice of tax software and used to report capital gains and losses if any occurred during the tax year.

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